So you're excited about buying a home and you should be because it's the most important financial decisions you'll ever make. We strive hard at Tanya Sells Homes to exceed your expectations in the home buying process.  Our agents offer you a FREE step-by-step Buyer's Guide to help you find and buy your next home.  We're also here to answer any questions you may have at any time.  We want your real estate experience to be exciting and hassle-free.

Myth #1... When you purchase your home - you the buyer do not pay any commission fees to your Realtor.  Commissions are paid by the seller period. Your representation is FREE and we work hard to ensure you're happy and satisfied from start to finish!

Myth #2... By using the Listing Agent, you the buyer will be able to save money on the purchase price of the home because there is not buyers agent commission to be paid. This could not be further from the truth.  The truth is that most listing agents negotiate a listing fee of 5-7% when the seller signs the listing agreement. That listing fee is usually split in "half"  with the buyer’s agent.  This is standard practice in the real estate industry.  However if there is no buyer’s agent, (in other words you call the agent from the sign in the yard or from the internet and set up a showing; that listing agent becomes the pequiring cause of the sale) The listing agent / sellers Realtor keeps the entire commission, putting you at a huge disadvantage by being subject to a Realtor who has the seller’s best interest at heart.  

Myth #3... Going into a subdivision to buy a new construction home or buying a new home from a developer unrepresented is just that, unrepresented! Most of the onsite agents are not Realtors, they are licensed or unlicensed sales people who work directly for the builder or developer.  They can not negotiate your offer price, incentives, attend walk throughs with the builder when it's time to create a punchout list nor attend closing with you to ensure all your credits and incentives are on the HUD1.  Now that you know the facts, contact Tanya Jones & Associates today for a Free no obligation consultation!

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